Wedding: a tradition that evolves

Today, weddings are contemporary, modern. We see things with a fresh look. Now, every wedding is unique and the couples feel free to indulge themselves, to display their personality and not to lock themselves in duties.

So if you have always dreamed of an old car, rent it, if not forget it; if you cannot imagine the party without a wedding cake, go for it, but if you find it ridiculous to make applause in front of a cake, do not plan one; if you like sugared almonds, perfect but many are now the couples who prefer to redirect this budget to a cause that is close to their heart.

Take the time to sit down quietly the two of you to talk about what you want to live together: an intimate elopement in a special place, a big and luxurious family ceremony, a super party full of friends, a hippie-chic day in the countryside? And you, what do you want for this day that will remain in your memories forever? Take the time to talk about it in depth so that you can organize the event that suits both of you. What are you waiting from that day? Which meaning do you want to give to it? What family traditions and social uses do you want to keep or eliminate? Remember to make yourself happy before you want to please others, this is the best way to make this day unforgettable and share a piece of yourself with your loved ones. So plan several long nights to discuss all of this together. Even if you know each other for a long time, this will allow you to have a deep dialogue and to better discover your differences.

How is professional wedding photography in Belgium?

Each country has its own photographic culture. In Belgium, professional photographers have long considered wedding photography the “bottom of the basket”. Then the influence came from the United States, where it was more traditional to hire a photographer for a family event.

You therefore find excellent professional wedding photographers in Belgium who will each have their own well-defined style. Some make pictures with a lot of humor while others pose their eyes with gentleness. Some dare strong contrasts while others like pastel shades. The photographer's personal gaze always emerges prominently in his work. But be careful; beware of photographers who are selling their services at a very low price. Because it is clear that if their price is low they will not be able to invest in quality material, nor in their continuing education and even less in a secure system that allows you to keep your memories safe.

So think well of your priorities and the risks you are willing to take if you are looking for a good deal. Knowing that when the party is over, the photos are everything that remains after and are the guardians of your memories.