Many of you are in the middle of their wedding organization. The pre-wedding rush has already begun and with it stress and pressure sometimes comes along. So I thought of you and I send you my 10 tips to stay zen during the organization of your wedding!

Here is our checklist:

1.Delegate: Learn to let go and do not refuse help from your entourage. Learn to assign missions and ask for help! It creates stronger relationships and also new good memories.

2.Do some sport: This is the best way to prevent stress from building up and invading your body and mind! Take your sneakers, a swimming-suit, a racket, whatever you prefer... Choose an activity that will allow you to let off steam and build up new energy so that you can come back to your to-do list in a fresh way! The state of well-being that follows the training is made possible by endorphin. A true natural drug, it allows athletes to feel serene and at ease. To optimize the release of endorphins, it is necessary to make an effort of at least 30 to 45 minutes with a comfortable endurance rhythm, with at least 60% of your breathing capacities, so that still allows you to talk. The amount of released endorphins can then reach 5 times the level of endorphins while resting! Happiness in its purest form !

3.Become the queen of the organization: A little effort is required! Make the habit of making lists, sort the tasks in order of importance, and make sure all deadlines are respected. This is the ideal solution to avoid being overtaken by events! You are a disorganized person? Go back to point 1 and ask your most organized friend to coach you for the occasion. She will be flattered and you will emerge from this experience with a new skill, very smoothly.

4.Share your fears: Tell your partner and your bridesmaids about what's bothering you. I am sure they will be good listeners and maybe have good advices

5.Find time for a date with your fiancé: Enjoy every moment of tranquility. Take time for romantic date like a candlelight dinner or a short excursion with your fiancé to escape for a while!

6.Pamper yourself: Tensions related to wedding preparations can be felt both physically and emotionally! Take care of yourself: treat yourself with a massage or a hammam and you will come out radiant after this small moment of relaxation.

7.Go out with your girl-friends: They will always be ready to make you laugh, to change your mood, to chat and make you forget your particularly hectic daily life at this time. City-trips, drinks out and bachelorette parties are very welcome to change your ideas! It is also a very good way to produce oxytocin, commonly known as the "hormone of love"; in addition to promoting social interaction, it helps reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, which reduces anxiety. Our body is fantastic!

8.Beware of cosmetic experiments: Do you want to be dazzling for the most beautiful day of your life? Why not trying a vitamin boost, a natural contouring or a make-up that goes out of your daily routine? Let yourself be guided by professionals but be mindful and don’t let a bad cosmetic experience spoil your day because you don’t feel yourself anymore!

9.Put everything in perspective: Organizing a wedding is not an easy game, and it can sometimes turn into a source of disagreements. Keep it cool, do not forget that you are preparing one of the happiest event of your life, so smile and enjoy every moment!

10.Remember to sleep: the secret for a fresh complexion and an unequalled efficiency is to wrap yourself in your sheets and fall asleep peacefully…and remember that sleeping before midnight recharge your body energy twice because human growth hormone is (HGH) produced by the Pituitary Gland during the hours of sleep before midnight. - note for myself ;-)!

We hope that these ten easy-to-follow tips will help you to fully live your wedding preparation in joy and good mood.

May the Love be With You

Aurora & Bogdan