Who are we?

We are Aurora and Bogdan, a couple of spontaneous destination wedding storytellers who like to show reality in a delicate and authentic way. In life as in our photos we like to focus on human connection and we deeply believe in the value of memory.

International by origin and professional experience we fluently speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Who we love to work with?

We have a soft spot for couples who like to laugh and take on challenges together. If they are original, even better. We love idealists who actively pursue happiness on a daily basis but can also spend hours getting lost in each other's eyes. Those who have delicate souls and are touched by small acts of kindness on a daily basis, who are driven by an insatiable curiosity and a sharp sense of aesthetics. We love duos who like to party until the end of the night because they love life and appreciate the many facets of it. Couples who live their emotions in depth, who love simplicity, harmony and balance. People who still believe today that love can last forever. If you have come this far it's probably because you like our photos and videos and we are honored. We invite you to visit our galleries in depth to get to know us better through our images and find out if we are made for each other.

What's our process?


Let's meet

During our first talk we will ask you many questions and we will decide together which kind of product and service is best for you. That’s important to make the best of your wedding … thinking about it after will be too late.



Let’s talk about money! That’s the best time to do it because now we got clearly what you really want and we can send you our best offer with our best products. We are always looking around us for nice and classy merchandise you’ll fall in love with.



The wedding-season is always full, we are moving a lot, so organization is a must for everybody! It is important to keep our mental health well balanced. Keeping up to date with the wedding planning is essential.



This is the end of our job but for you it is just the beginning of enjoying memories with the people you love. You will get a private online gallery with a password so you download and share your photos with everybody. Have fun!

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You & Eye pour votre grand événement c'est juste du bonheur partagé avant, pendant et après celui-ci. Aimables, sympas, serviables, fiables, créatifs, Aurore et Bogdan travaille en duo de manière très agréable. Ils sont complémentaires entre eux et à l'écoute avec vous. Le travail est de qualité, le service est au top. Le travail est de qualité, le service est au top. Ils sont vos compagnons pour la journée, sont là au bon moment tout en restant discret. Merci encore à eux.

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